Hair by Hand

hair by hand

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I will only be working 2 days per month so get your spot before it fills up!

call (719)-355-0505

due to a stupid amount of weird calls I get from whomever - please leave a message so I know you’re not a spammer!

Next days I am working

Friday Oct. 26th 7am-5pm

Friday Nov. 9th 7am-5pm



3420 Pony Tracks Drive
Colorado Springs, CO, 80922
United States

Please note that I am, for the time being, operating out of my parents house because having started all over again here in Colorado with a husband, two kids, and two cats - it just is what it is! Also note that this will not in any way inhibit my ability to give you the best hairstyle you could possibly get. I stand by my work!

I have set up a cute little private space that will make you feel like you’re at a salon, so that you can get away and just relax while I do your do. Don’t worry - my husband, dad, 7- year old, or any homeless people won’t be walking in and out, seeing you with foils on your head. It will be peaceful and wonderful. No one will bother you. In fact, you will get more privacy than at a regular salon as well as a beverage of your choice, including wine :-) Maybe I’ll even have a glass with you!

Please see prices below. I will also include for all of my new color clients, or color clients who want something new, a 15 min FaceTime consultation - so that I can see your hair and buy the color needed. This will be at no extra cost to you! It will save both you and I time, as well as give you an added assurance that you will get the best possible service at your appointment time.


Prices and Availability

Cut - $60

Color - starting at $30

Tape-In Hair Extensions - Consultation determined

The Basics

Few highlights - starting at $30

Semi-color touch up - starting at $45

Retouch - starting at $65

Partial Highlight - starting at $80

Full Highlight - starting at $95

Ombre or Balayage - starting at $120

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