Short Hair - Should I or Shouldn't I Cut My Hair Off?

Short hair/pixie cut/cropped cut/cutehairstyles 

Chopping your locks? Why you should or shouldn't cut your hair short.

If you're thinking of chopping your locks, then here are a few tips on making the decision. As a Hairstylist, I've had just about every hairstyle there is out there. This one was one of my favorites, but there are some down-sides. 

Why I loved short hair

By short hair in this post, I am referring to a pixie type crop chop like mine here back in 2016. 

First Reason - Short hair is easy!

It's practically a get-up and go kind of hairstyle. You don't have to do much to make it looked "styled." There may have been a few cat butt cowlicks going in all different directions when I woke up, so I would just put some water on it, a little texture cream like this Reutzel Clay Matt Pomade, and voila! 

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Second Reason - Short hair brings out your facial features

It made my face stand out. What I mean by that, is I felt like my face wasn't hiding behind a curtain of hair. I love that short hair makes your features a bit more noticeable. I wouldn't say I have the smallest nose on earth, so I was a bit hesitant in letting that feature stand out. But after seeing my profile, I thought it looked good with my slightly large nose. I was confident and walked around imaging myself as Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday or Sabrina. I felt like such a badass that I almost tried to get myself a pet deer like her, but realized it would most likely ruin our wood floors. 

Third Reason - Short hair is an empowering change

It's empowering. There's nothing more vulnerable than a women chopping her hair off. Our hair is part of our identity. Something that turns heads and compliments our skin. Making it go almost away is frightening, but let me tell you, once I did it, it felt good. My husband loves my hair longer, so in a way, it was my turn in looking how I wanted to look. To not have to spend a half hour on my hair, and feel a bit of freedom when it came to getting ready, kind of like taking a walk in a man's shoes was empowering! I was also one of the unique people walking on the streets. EVERYONE at this time had long hair, so I stood out.  


Why I didn't love short hair

First Reason - Once it's short it's short

Once you do it, you can't go back. There were days when I cried. I missed my hair. I missed styling it. I wanted to do something different than my only one style I could accomplish every single day. If you're a person who loves change, then don't do it.

Second Reason - Short hair can bring out your not so pleasant flaws

Yes, we all have flaws. It's okay! Sometimes, if I had a giant zit on my forehead, then I could hide it with my hair. This particular hairstyle left everything exposed, so if you want to chop your hair but also want a little more to work with, then I would suggest leaving your bangs and the top longer. If that's not what you want, then this Mary Kay clear proof spot solution works great for those pimples you just can't hide. I know. Spot solutions have a bad rap at the moment, but for me, who's enemy includes those giant cystic pimples, they've become my best friend. Sometimes you just have to use them! This one imparticular only dries out your skin for the first few days you use it, then it just does its job keep those pesky buggers at bay without drying or irritating your beautiful face. I've used plenty of different kinds, and this one proves to be my favorite. 


Third Reason - My son didn't like it

I love honesty from my little guy. He has no filter, and most times, it's amazing. What's not amazing is when your son looks at you after chopping your hair and says. "Why do you want to look like Daddy?