The Keys to Lasting Confidence - Six-Week Series to Gaining Confidence in a Critical Environment.

The Keys to a Lasting Confidence

Gaining confidence in something deeper

Starting March 15th!

One of the exclusive six-week series for women I will do here on Word From The Bird is called, Gaining Confidence in a Critical Environment. I'm always so encouraged by women who can live above this world's expectation of them and be who they are. I will be sharing with you some inspirational stories of other women who have experienced what it means to overcome insecurity. With it, I will include advice from my journey with insecurity and how to take steps in overcoming it. I want to help you be the woman you've always wanted to be and stop relying on others to make you see your worth. 

Honestly speaking, I don't believe that we as women can blame our society or even men for ingraining this deeply seeded insecurity in our minds of believing we are nothing more than how we look. They play a part, yes, but I want to dig a little deeper. This won't be your average approach on the matter.  When I look at what is going on with women today, I am astounded that the world is only now waking up to some of the dysfunctions of our sex-crazed culture and how women are being treated. The problem is, we are getting a little blame shifty. When I see women everywhere coming forward about their experiences, claiming #metoo and #timesup, I am saddened by it, because I know all too well how it feels. But shouldn't we also be addressing how the objectification of women has possibly played a role in that, and worst of all, that we as women have given into it? What is our solution, if how we decide to portray ourselves is exactly how men will see us, as objects? By that, I don't only mean women who are dancing around on stage wearing practically nothing at the Grammy's, but also those of us who think that changing who we are on the outside will somehow gain confidence in who we are on the inside. Those of us who think our worth lies in the hands of those we impress. We give into this mindset every single day, and you know it. So how can we rise above? The answer is, we have a choice. As much as I would love to blame everyone else around me for my insecurities or how the world sees women, I simply know that it won't help or change anything when it comes to overcoming my own battles. We need to start asking ourselves, what can help us change the way we are viewed and encourage others to see us how we were meant to be seen? As beautiful creatures who aren't defined only by outward appearance, but by our character's. God did not create you to be objectified, or insecure about who you are. He created you to be a warrior, and it all starts by not blaming anyone, including ourselves, but rather dealing with the root of our own personal issues from our past, our present, and how we view our future. Here are just a few examples of what we will be covering in this series.

Healing from your past through forgiveness

Recognizing your potential

Identifying the lies you believe

Changing how you see yourself

I will be the first to tell you that this isn't an easy journey. If it's a struggle of yours, it will most likely be apart of your life until you die. The only thing you can do is figure out what to do with it. We can't make men or our society change, but we can take responsibility for our actions, and be the women that we were created to be. It will take effort on your part, but if you'de like to follow along, get inspired by other women, and change how you see yourself in ways other than making your hair longer, or your butt tighter, then sign on up!  By subscribing to my email list you can journey with me in healing from the inside out and gain confidence, even in a critical environment. These will not be public posts, so in order to receive the series, you will have to subscribe to this imparticular email list. If you are already a subscriber to the weekly newsletters, go ahead and subscribe to this email list as well as it is a different list.

Take a step in becoming the woman you were meant to be. Stop trying to gain confidence from the outside in but rather from the inside out.

* Update - Weeks one and two now posted below!

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