How to Keep Your Blonde Hair From Looking Yellow - Blonde Hair Secrets From a Hairstylist

How to keep your blonde hair from turning yellow

Blonde hair tips from a hairstylist specializing in blonde hair.

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Whether you’re a natural blonde or had a little help from the hairstylist, this article is for you. I will walk you through everything you need to know about how to get beautiful blonde hair if you don’t already have it, as well as the steps and tips you need to take.

I have been a hairstylist for over 10 years, and blondes are my specialty. I am a natural brown, but have gone from black to platinum blonde, and everything in-between.

I know a thing or two about how to care your hair, whatever the blonde shade, and the best products you should be using that are the most natural and healthy for both you and your hair.

Let’s begin with the not so natural blondies, who want to look more natural.

For the salon made blonde ;)

Do you know that moment, about a week after you paid a fortune for that highlight, and you start to realize that gorgeous shade of blonde you left with is slowly turning yellow? Yikes! Don't panic. It's so normal.

If you aren't a natural blonde, this happens pretty quickly, but there is hope to having it stay the tone you want without making another hair appointment. But here are some things to consider to make sure it isn't the hairstylist's fault. 

If your hair is yellow from the moment you leave the salon, it's the hairstylist's fault and you will not be able to apply these tips. 

Make sure your stylist knows what she is doing when it comes to highlighting hair that is not naturally blonde. I can't stress this enough. It's always your best bet to go to someone recommended by another person with good-looking blonde hair, otherwise, you could have an expensive disaster on your hands.

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Here are a few tips that might be helpful in choosing a stylist.

  1. Try and find someone who is experienced with blondes. Not only with highlighting but working with clients who aren't naturally blonde. Word of mouth from someone you trust and who's blonde hair looks good is always the best.

  2. Ask them to take very small sections or weaves for each highlight. Too much hair in the foil will not turn out consistent and probably won't lift to the shade you want.

  3. Make sure you show her a picture of the specific blonde you want, down to the tone or shade. Pictures will always help your stylist know what you want.

  4. If her hair looks bad, so will yours.

  5. See if she uses Olaplex or a similar product that is a two-step process put in the color lifter to decrease damage done. If she doesn't, you can also buy your own and bring it for her to use. You might actually save money in the long run if you do this.

My anti-yellow hair formula a natural blonde look

Kevin Murphy has always been a favorite product of mine as a stylist. They have so many natural ingredients, with essential oils that give nutrients and shine to your hair. You don't have to use very much to get the results, so a little goes a long way here.

kevin murphy

Buying in bulk is a better way to go. These suckers are expensive, but they will last you for about a year! In the end, you save money! Leave on the conditioner for a few minutes if things are looking really yellow and rinse with cold water!

Shea Moisture - oh the miracles of Apple cider vinegar

I usually rotate and use my expensive shampoo & conditioner every other time with a less expensive product. But just because it's less expensive, doesn't mean it's less productive. Shea Moisture is one of my favorite hair and beauty products. Not only do they use natural ingredients that work, they are affordable! I also include a mask once a week to keep the blonde moisturized

Keune Blonde Enhancing Mousse

Last but not least, this blonding mousse by Keune will be sure to tie up any loose ends on the yellow side of things. Just be careful! I usually had to put it in when my hair was pretty wet and then comb it through. If you don't you could get uneven tones and possibly a purple spot. Don't worry, it rinses out in the next shampoo, or put a little water on any spots that seem yellow.

I hope these are some helpful pointers in keeping your blonde hair looking radiant!

How to Keep Your Blonde Hair From Looking Yellow - Blonde Hair Secrets From a Hairstylist. How to make your hair look more ashy. How to keep your blondes cool and from getting yellow. If you aren't a natural blonde and need a little help getting that beautiful creamy blonde tone with some highlights, then this article is for you. #blondehair #hair #ashblonde #howto #hairstyles #2018