8 Inexpensive Kitchen Tools for the Healthy Eater

kitchen tools for healthy eating!

Are you a healthy eater? I am, most of the time. I love to cook as well, which makes eating healthy come a little bit easier. But sometimes I find that making healthy meals requires a bit of time and extra help. Let's just be honest, it's not easy to eat healthy! It's actually really hard. But the more you do it, the more you get used to it. I have compiled a few items that might make your journey to eating healthy a bit less frustrating and lot more simple. 

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1. Perfect Egg Timer

Eggs are an incredible source of protein and omega-3's, and no one likes an overcooked hard-boiled egg. Don't let it happen again! 

2. Magic Bullet

Smoothies are my number one go to when I just need a quick boost and to fill my tummy without feeling overstuffed. The magic bullet has been a lifesaver! There's nothing more annoying that having to clean a giant blender after making a smoothie for one. 

3. fruit infused water bottle

I love my lime water! As well as cucumber water. This is am amazing way to get your water infused with whatever you want and not have little floaty's or blueberries causing you to choke. 

4. herb saver

Have you ever bought some herbs, (and let's not beat around the bush,they are expensive) and then one day later they are done for? Yeah, I hate that. Here's a little help so that you can keep your heard fresh and ready to use for WAY longer!

5. veggie saver

I love this product. Talk about cutting down on plastic and food waste. I can't tell you how many plastic bags I've used to try and salvage a half of a onion or something that just ends up at the bottom of my veggie bowl, rotting away. Food huggers are an incredible way to store that half of whatever you didn't use. 

6. julienne peeler- veggie noodles!

Veggie noodles are a revelation! You don't need a fancy machine to make them, either!

7. Meal prep containers

The ultimate key to maintaining a healthy diet is by meal planning, and also portion control. This solves both aspects!

8. Food Scale

If you're on a stricter diet, a food scale is a good option to have. I also use it for measuring my baking ingredients!