8 Diets You Should Avoid and Why

8 Diets to avoid and why

Dieting is one of the surest ways the food industry continues to try and convince us of eating things we shouldn't. They claim "healthy, low-carb, ketogenic, gluten-free, fat-free, less sugar, vegan," and the list goes on. 

Ever since dieting came into play as a strategy in getting people to buy certain products, it has morphed with the times, evolving with our lingo and lifestyle. We have become a society that thinks WAY too much about what we eat, which only fuels the fire

So what should we do about it? I'll tell you. Be informed, but stop thinking so much about your diet! I swear before I gave birth to my son my mind was constantly consumed with the latest diet trends, in efforts to lose that last ten pounds I could never seem to shake.

I mean, I was obsessed! What happened was, my mind got in the way of me succeeding. In efforts to stop thinking about not eating food, I would, in turn, eat it, and in excess, because in a way, I wanted to rebel against my diet. Then I started using diet pills, starving myself, etc.

After I had my son, I didn't have the time anymore to think about such things, and lost all of the weight I couldn't lose the previous years and then some! This is no news to most of you. It's the whole idea behind "stop dieting and start living." But here's the thing.

That's a strategy as well! The industry says, change your lifestyle, not your diet, which is true, but they also attach to it a "do it this way" solution. Here are some things to be aware of in the food industry, and how they suck you into the next diet fad without you realizing it. 

I know I won't be super popular on this subject because our society thrives on diets fads, but I guess I don't care about popularity here. I first want to talk about some things that the industry does to make you think a certain way before they present you with their drug of choice.


3 things the food industry will try and convince you of.


1. You're not good enough.

Again, probably not news to most of you, but yet we still give in. Obviously hitting people where it hurts has long been a tactic of theirs, but why do we let them keep winning in our minds? Why do we continue to let them tell us who we should or shouldn't be?

I am living proof of the fact that when you stop consuming your mind with changing yourself for the wrong reasons, you may actually succeed in making lifestyle changes.

I used to be one of those women who would go the whole day eating healthy, only to get home from work and stuff my face full of ice cream. When I wanted a salty finish, I switched to chips, then back to sweet. Then salty again. Not only did I put my digestive system into shock day after day, but I also ended up feeling once again like I had failed, and because of failing I would never be desirable, and if I wasn't desirable, I would never get married, and down the rabbit hole, I went. 

This article I wrote touches on some ways to stop believing lies and understanding how it physically changes your brain. Dr. Carolyn Leaf is a neurologist who wrote a book about it called Switch on your Brain. I'm not going to go in depth right now, but if you're interested in working on changing thought patterns that are detrimental, it may be a helpful article for you.

It also goes hand in hand with the fact that our body will process food differently if we think about it differently. Our brain is a powerful tool in our efforts to change our body physically.

2. You're not healthy enough.

When I moved to Germany a few years back, my eyes were opened to a few things when it comes to food. Germans eat so much bread, but they aren't overweight. What!? So carbs don't make you overweight? Maybe.

They do if you eat too much of them. In fact, if you overeat anything, it could quite possibly make you overweight. So why aren't many Germans overweight if they eat so much bread? Why aren't most of the French overweight if they consume so much butter?

Or what about Italians? They eat fried foods and pasta every single day, and the majority of them aren't overweight. How? It's called, a healthy mindset, portion control, and eating things in moderation. I believe it goes much deeper as well.

America is SO quick to find a solution to cover the symptom, instead of dealing with the actual problem. This goes for pharmaceuticals, mental health, politics, etc. We tend to OVERTHINK EVERYTHING because we are focusing so much on covering up some "problem" our society is telling us we have to fix. We hear daily, "be healthier with these new diet tips," or "the keto diet is for you," and slowly but surely we start to believe we aren't healthy.

I eat very healthily, but when I see an add or Pinterest pin for some new eating fad, I get sucked in! Wake up! When are we going to start thinking for ourselves when it comes to food instead of believing what social media is telling us?

Perhaps you aren't healthy, and you need to lose weight, but what are your reasons behind it? Is it because society says you need to look or be a certain way? Or is it because you as an individual who thinks for themselves wants to live a healthy lifestyle, and be your version of healthy?

3. There is something wrong with you.

I don't even know how many diets are out there, but the number is staggering. So what makes one better than the other? What makes a Vegan diet better than a Ketogenic diet?

Who's to say that I need to eat only raw food? It's enough to make you go crazy. It's enough to make you feel like you're doing something wrong! Like you need to jump on the next diet train to be doing the right thing. They want you to think just that, that you are wrong, because if you're doing something other than what they think you should be doing to consume their product, then you are wrong.

I'm not a doctor or nutritionist, so I'm not going to say whether a Vegan diet is better than a Ketogenic diet, I'm merely trying to open up your eyes to the dysfunction of it all. We no longer know who to believe, what is the truth, and what is best for us. 

What is the solution to being healthy?

I don't know, and that's precisely my point. I am just another person writing another article about what you should be doing with your life. This time, I'm encouraging you to start thinking for yourself. Find ways to get healthy from the inside out, starting with your thought patterns. 

This I do know, it all starts there, in your mind. The world feeds off of our insecurities, and these companies would lose a significant amount of money if we started thinking for ourselves. This comes to politics, medicine, mental health, etc. Here is my solution, if any, but please don't believe it because I say it. 

What if our diets came from our healthy minds? Do you think an unhealthy mind fuels an unhealthy diet? No.

I know this doesn't come easy for some of you. Those of you who's addiction is food. If it is your addiction, then what will a diet change about it? It may work for a little while, but there is nothing to back it up. No change of heart or mind. 

If the only reason you are doing a diet is to adhere to who society thinks you should be, then avoid it! They don't care about you, they care that you buy their products.

I guess I should clarify. Not all diets are bad. I'm talking about the ones that make you think if you do it their way, you will somehow change your life and be happier. I guess that can go for any diet. News flash, just because you lose weight, will not make you more confident or comfortable in your own skin. It can help, sure! But still, there is another layer that goes deeper.

Your mind. That being said, I've researched a few diets that are particularly absurd. Again, this is my personal opinion. I'm not judging anyone. I've been on a lot of these diets myself. I just want to shed light on some things that maybe won't help you in the long run because they sure didn't help me.



8 diets you should avoid in 2018 and why


The Atkins Diet 

Why? Not a balanced or sustainable diet. Once you lose the weight, you will most likely put it back on because you will go back to eating normally. Anything that is strenuous makes you think too hard about what you should eat, is never a good option. You will get bored, frustrated and give up.


Paleo Diet

Why? Too much meat. Again, is not a sustainable diet that one can always follow on a daily basis. It does encourage natural ingredients, which is good, but not a lifestyle you can efficiently manage, which causes you to, once again, obsess about your diet. 


Weight Watchers Diet

Why? Too much counting. It will give you a headache and cause you to give up because no one can sustain such an annoying way to live. I think this is the one Oprah advertises for, right? Do you remember how many times her weight has fluctuated over the years? Just sayin.' "I LOVE BREAD. I love it!" - Oprah 


5:2 Diet

Why? Skipping meals for two days? Are you kidding me? I'm sure you get results for those two days of losing water weight, but what about putting your digestive system into shock and then eating an entire refrigerator on day three? At least that’s what I would do after murdering someone because I’m so hangry.


Slim Fast Diet

Okay, I’ve done this one. Not only did I get the worst sharts in the world, but I felt like I didn’t lose any weight as my stomach bloated to twice the size it was before. I kid you not, I was on a date when I sharted myself and needed to end it early. This actually turned out to be a good thing because he wouldn't shut up about himself. I told him I had the sharts and he was glad to let me go. And did you see the ingredient list? Yikes!!!


Lighter Life Diet

Why? Meal replacements are never a good idea. Expensive, and boring. You also get a counselor. I guess that’s good, but again, what happens when I run out of money?


Ketogenic Diet 

I know this one is SO popular, but what person can eat like this for long periods of time? Sustainable? Nope. High fat and meat content? Yes, and also not so good for your health because they don't discourage bad fats. Supposedly this is a diet for people who suffer from epilepsy. So, why have we decided it’s now good for us? Again, not sustainable and when you finish it, what happens then? Results? Sure! But for how long? Could this perhaps be a glorified Atkins diet that makes you pee on a stick? Anyone?


Slimming World Diet

They give you a list of foods you can choose from and connect you with a support group.  There’s nothing necessarily wrong with this diet, but what is right about it? I’m just confused. How is this different than trying to eat healthily and talking about it to your friends? It's not. 


In Summary

All that to say, nothing offers a different solution that causes you to be healthy and start changing the way you think and live FOR GOOD. I had never been exceedingly overweight, so I don’t know what that’s like, but I’m pretty sure it goes deeper than just a change in diet for a few months.

It all starts in the mind. I believe the most important thing is to be confident in who you are as a woman. No matter what. Start there, and the results will come. Also, stop thinking so much about what you should and shouldn't eat. Just remember that moderation is essential.

That if you eat an entire cheesecake instead of one piece, you will suffer consequences more than just not pooing for a week. Support groups are great. Counselors are great. A healthy mindset is a healthy lifestyle, and that goes for anything in life. It's a journey, but do your best to be confident in who you are. 

This goes to say, what we eat, why we are overweight, why we don't work out, has so much more to do with our minds than anything else. Once we tackle this aspect and start to realize those wrong motivations WILL NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY or content, then we can begin to have healthy diets and change for good.