Incredible and Unique Gift Ideas for Children

Looking for a meaningful children's gift?

Every year, when it comes to buying a birthday gift for my son, I usually know exactly what I need to get. From the moment his last birthday ended, he has a complete list of ideas ready for his next birthday, and I get to hear about it EVERY SINGLE DAY for an entire year.

If he isn't asking for a pet dinosaur, it's usually something like an expensive lego set that will most likely end us sitting on a shelf collecting dust a week after its built. While I love to get him what he wants, and I know I'll be in the doghouse if I don't, I also want to give him something memorable and lasting.

Also, I just can't pull a pet dinosaur out of my butt, so I have to be a little more creative to distract him from what he's not getting. 

I first heard about Put Me in the Story while looking for a gift for my son's friend. This company puts customized names into popular children's books! For example, while reading Curious George to your son, it will come even more alive if they hear that they are in the story as well. Brilliant, right?

I've tried my hand at storytelling, but have never really been good at it. Loving my son as much as I do, I would have to resort to just simply putting him in a popular fairytale, and making him the hero. Since he had never heard the real story of Charlie and the Chocolate factory, he was BLOWN AWAY at the fact that I could come up with a story about him in such detail and imagination where he finds a golden ticket and inherits his very own chocolate factory.

Little did he know, all I did was swap him out for Charlie. Goes to say, I wish I would have thought of this idea back when I had to tell my version of Elliott and the Chocolate Factory for the hundredth time. Put Me in the Story is quite the fantastic idea that will excite any kids imagination.

What child doesn't want to hear that they are a hero or a princess and see it for themselves on the written pages. 

I'm showing a few options here, but check out the website for yourself and see what you can find. It makes the perfect gift that is something other than the plastic, loud gifts most moms hate. 

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Draw Really Cool Stuff - Book for kids on learning how to draw the right way

My son is a creative soul. He loves to create draw, and build. This book from Amazon is an AMAZING way to get your child to learn how to draw. Ever since Elliott starting suing this book, his technique has skyrocketed. It shows you with simple steps, how you get from a shape, to an amazing drawing. Check out this shark he did!

File Apr 27, 5 34 08 PM.jpeg

Here is an example of how it shows you step by step. As you can see, it starts with simple shapes, so it's easier for them to comprehend. It helps them gain an awareness to sizing and perspective.