How I Make $1,500 Per Month from Mediavine Using Pinterest in 2019

5 Strategies I Use to Make Money Through Pinterest and Mediavine

UPDATED! The month of August I earned almost 4K with Mediavine through Pinterest traffic alone. Check out my newly offered one-on-one Pinterest Crash Course for a limited time only.

To put things into perspective for you, there is a way to make money online, through your blog, on traffic alone. I know because this is my current strategy, that is helping make a little side cash all while doing something I love.

I started blogging about a year and a half ago, but also took a 4 month hiatus when I had a baby and our family moved across the world. I almost gave up, for many reason, one of them being not really seeing a fast result from my hard work. But that was just it — I needed to give it time. All good things take time.

The get rich quick scheme never works, and if it does, usually doesn’t last long. Even making passive income begins with hard work. At some point you might be able to hand it off to someone else, but until then, it’s hard work, and that’s okay!

I usually don’t blog about blogging, but I see benefit for others in sharing success and how I do it. Goes to say, this is a good month. There are other months I don’t do so well, but only being with Mediavine for 3 months now, I would say I’m doing pretty well.

I had my first $110 day the other day, and that was the day I was taking care of my sick kids all day. So if you want to call that passive income, sure, go ahead. But every other day it’s a lot of work — here’s what I do.

By the way, there are no affiliate links here. This is just a friendly post to help you along your way. I am making money just from you reading this article — isn’t that great!?

Pinterest Strategy

My husband says that Pinterest controls my emotions. Unfortunately, he’s right, which is something I’m working on. As good as it is to keep track of your analytics, it can also drive you MAD, especially when it’s Pinterest traffic you’re analyzing.

I still have yet to master the SEO in Google department, but I’m working towards it. As you may already know, it’s good to have a few different avenues of traffic so when one gets wonky, you have a plan b and aren’t losing money.

But so far, all I’ve time to master is Pinterest.

I could go into Tailwind, but I am currently at a point where I don’t need that anymore — I’ll explain later.

Pinterest is similar to Google, except is uses images. But within those images, are your keywords and hashtags. There is a lot of difference in opinion about hashtags, so to be safe, I do a little of both. But let’s get to design first.

Design and size of pins

This is the most important start to your Pinterest journey. You need to learn how to create pins that are simple and straight to the point.

Here are a few examples of my best performing pins ever.

Simple, straight to the point, and backed by long and good content, because mostly what people need, is good content. That is what will keep them coming back, staying on your site, and wanting more.

You can create a great pin in the free Canva tool. I’ve used it the whole time, and just have recently switched to pro so I can play around with image sizes.

I have had great success with the 2:3 ratio, but also had a few pins go viral with the infograph (I shortened it a little) theme from Canva. I had to use the pro upgrade to do this.

Try and use a theme that works for you, which means trying a bunch of different designs and seeing what works. I continue to change things up, but always leave a ( or a logo of some sort so people know it’s from my website — don’t forget branding!

The first one I display above never had that and tons of people stole my pin 😣Whatever, haters gonna hate.

Description and hashtags

As of now — June 2019 — I am using this description format for best results. Again, try everything — less hashtags, more hashtags, different keywords — you have to figure out what is best for your brand. A food blogger is going to use a different strategy than someone using an affiliate link. That’s why it’s so important to try different things.

Description for pins — I first write a short description of the article, trying to use as many keywords as possible, without sounding obnoxious. I then incorporate relative hashtags. Sometimes I use 15, sometimes I use 3. I still keep trying different things.

With this strategy, I have accumulated 3.6 million monthly viewers on Pinterest, and an average of 120K - 160K sessions on my website.

how to make money on pinterest traffic alone

Keeping track of analytics

Many of you already know how important it is to keep track of your analytics. The reason being, on Pinterest, you need to know what is working when. If a pin goes viral, you need to figure why and how, which board you pinned it and when.

These are all important statistics to keep track of when repeating your strategies.

Another vital key to your pinning, is creating multiple pins per post that you can circulate out. I even use old pins months later, with fresh descriptions and new hashtags. Pinterest loves new content, so make sure you’re keeping this new so that it reaches a new audience.

I will usually create a few pins per week for my viral posts — it’s all I have time for. But it seems to be working!

One important note — Pinterest is ALWAYS fluctuating for me day to day, as you’ll see in this report. But so far, month to month I get about the same overall result. Here is an example of my impressions from my pins over the last 90 days.

how I make money through mediavine

How I make money using Mediavine

mediavine income report for june through pinterest traffic

This is how much I made my second month with Mediavine.

Mediavine is a full service ad management. That means they place ads on your site, and you make money. The work on your end includes making sure your site is current and bringing in traffic, while they do the rest! They have an incredible team that is super helpful within a days notice, and they will also give you advice to better your website.

My experience with Mediavine has been amazing. I would recommend it to any blogger that doesn’t mind tasteful ads on their site.

Mediavine requires you to have 25K sessions per month in order to apply. That means around 30K page views per month. You also wont get paid until three months after you’re on board, so keep that in mind.

I remember when I was trying desperately to reach this number. Within months, my dreams were exceeded and I am finally making money on my blog.

If you would have told me this a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I can’t say whether or not your blog can do the same, but I do know that strategies, when implemented correctly, work wonders, as well as hard work! Don’t forget the hard work.

My goal for next year is to be making $5,000K per month from my blog, or perhaps starting another one. Who knows! I may end up blogging about blogging — which I said I would never do, haha. But the only reason I got to where I am, was reading other people’s stories and having hope that if they can do it, I can as well.

It’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that I can support my family — even if in a small way — doing something I love.

All the best to you and your blogging journey! Feel free to ask questions in the comments below.

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