List of Gift Ideas for the Eco-Friendly, All-Natural, and Picky Moms to be in 2019

What to get for the mom to be who is eco-friendly, all- natural, and downright picky in 2019

unique baby gift ideas for the hard-to-please new mom

It’s hard to know what to get for a new mom, especially if you aren’t a mom yourself. And these days, it’s important to note that most moms are very eco-conscious, as well as fragrance, chemical, and plastic free when it comes to everything surrounding their precious child. I know because I am one of them.

One should never feel bad about wanting to protect their baby from all things dangerous, and we all know, there is a lot of crap that is in “baby safe” things, even when it comes to what they eat. It’s unfortunate that greed and consumerism has caused us all to freak out when it comes to what we subject our children to.

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So, in a world that’s gluten intolerant, bpa-free, plastic free, chemical free, everything free so that there is NO MORE FUN left in gifting someone with something, it’s enough to make one go mad and be at a loss for what the best baby options are for the picky moms out there.

With that being said, here is a list for those of you who are having a hard time figuring out just what to get your friend or family member who is hard to please.

Most likely, your new mom friend will have a baby registry that you can choose from, but if you’re a last minute shopper like me, you might need a little back-up as to what to get her and her new baby. This is also a great list for the mom’s who already have a child, but are expecting another one and didn’t have a shower or gift registry.

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The best list for great baby gift ideas

eco-friendly, all-natural, bpa-free, fragrance and chemical free ideas for the picky mom.

products for the all-natural, chemical free, baby safe mom who is picky about what her baby is subjected to.

Burt Bee’s Baby

Um, what mom DOESN’T need a multi-purpose ointment? I can’t tell you how many occasions that I see some sort of rash or ailment on my baby’s skin, and I think, ‘I need a multi-purpose ointment for that,’ because most of the time - you have no idea what it is, so anything too specific, is a no go. I’ll go multi-purpose any day. Diaper rash, eczema, dry skin, dry cheeks? Put the ointment on it! Not to mention, it has raving reviews on Amazon, AND functions as an ointment for the WHOLE family. I mean, at what point in your life have you ever not needed an ointment?

what to get for the new mom for a baby gift. baby shower ideas for the new mom. nursing pillow recommendations.

Probably the best thing you can do for a friend or family member you want to buy a gift for, is to support her decision to breast feed. Breast feeding is difficult, so in order to make things a bit easier, this amazing pillow is top of the list for best eco-friendly baby products of 2019 for the new mom. Available on Amazon!

A product that is eco-friendly, chemical free, safe for baby, and a great gift idea for the picky mom

All Things WOOMBIE

Check out their story and promise of eco-friendly, chemical-free products.

There are SO many options out there for swaddlers. But don’t settle for just any swaddler - get something that is approved by the picky mom who wants something eco-friendly, all-natural, chemical free, and all around safe. Not to mention, all of their products are pretty freakin’ cute.

eco-friendly gift ideas fro the new mom. lassig products, recycled, all-natural.

Shop all things Lassig Diaper bags

ergo baby reviews, all natural eco friendly pick of 2019 for the new moms. Get your list of what a new mom needs for the best must have products of 2019.

Ergobaby Omni 360 All-in-One Ergonomic Baby Carrier, All Carry Positions, Newborn to Toddler, Pearl Grey

I LOVE my Ergobaby carrier. Not only it is ergonomically friendly to keep your baby’s hips and spin in alignment, its great quality and has amazing reviews. Here is my little guy in his.

ergo baby carrier reviews and why you should get one. eco friendly, all natural, and ergonomically approved.

Mali Wear on Amazon

Teethers are a life saver! Nuff said.

All Things Necessary and practical

Nothing says I care about you like a giant pack of eco-friendly, all natural diaper wipes. Check out my tips on How to Prevent Diaper Rashes! In that article, I talk about the importance of prevention, instead of treating the symptoms, and that starts with what you use to wipe, as well as what diapers are used.

Not only are eco-friendly and all-natural products going to keep your baby safe, they will keep him/her from getting uncomfortable rashes that keep them from sleeping.

I know it seems a bit unconventional as a gift, but believe me, if you set her up for success when it comes to prevention of diaper rash, she, and her hubby, will love you forever.

So, I discovered this amazing thing after I had my second baby - Amazon brand diapers. They are free of all that crap AND they are cheap. Pampers made my baby’s butt look like in turned inside out, but he had NO reaction at all to MAMA BEAR DIAPERS. Make sure you get get SIZE ONE for a shower. Baby’s grow out of the NB size in like a week. At least both my babies did. They are seriously the best diapers I have ever used.

Keep the stink away with what mom’s deem the best in the business of poop. Not only does a new mom need this, she may not know she needs it until she has it.

MAM takes the cake by creating a glow in the dark pacifier for babies. Not only is MAM an amazing brand for breast fed babies, they have also come up with this incredible idea. GLOW IN THE DARK!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken my baby by aimlessly looking for his pacifier in the dark because I didn’t want to turn on a light. This product is MONEY! While I have no idea whether or not it’s eco-friendly, it’s just simply amazing and a must have for a new mom.

Tell me what your best baby product is that you can’t live without!

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