How I Drive Over 300K Sessions of Pinterest Traffic Per Month - My Secret Pinterest Pin Strategy

How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

My Pinning Strategy in 2019 - how I went from 800 views per day to 10-15K views per day in a matter of months

Pinterest strategy for bloggers.

Pinterest is a fantastic traffic driver, along with google. But here's the truth—Google takes a lot of time and effort to get long term and lasting traffic, with many interweaving SEO techniques that can take years to master.

With Pinterest, it can take one or two blog posts with a few viral pins to skyrocket your blog into earning the big bucks and becoming apart of the elite bloggers in 2019.

I have been blogging for about two years, but it wasn't until I learned a few Pinterest secrets in the last year that really got my blog going. I never thought I would get to this point, but here I am, and I know you might currently be where I was—hoping that someone would share their secrets so that you could also get there.

There will always be ups and down with Pinterest. That's the downside of it. In fact, my traffic fluctuates daily. Don't let that discourage you. But, at the end of the month, I usually range between 300K and 350K sessions per month.

Just to note, my blog is NOT a blog about blogging. I am a lifestyle blog, specializing in marriage and parenting advice.

So, if you're thinking that the only people making money with blogging are the bloggers about blogging as I did at first, then let me throw you a lifeline — you CAN make money in this biz, even if you don't offer advice on blogging.

To give you some evidence of what I’m saying is true, here is a screen shot of my Pinterest analytics, as well as google. See for yourself.

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Here's how I drive CRAZY traffic to my blog, my secrets on pin-making, and my specific pinning strategy.

  1. I make pins look like this in Canva.

These are some of my top performing pins, usually bringing in as much as 30K link clicks per pin, per month. As you can see here, I use large, easy to read fonts that mesh well together. I also have branded my pins. At first, I played around with things to see what worked. Then, once those pins started going viral, I stuck with a similar look.

This is important for a few reasons. You want to brand yourself (yes, even with pins), and if something is working, then repeat it. Also, you want people to know who you are by the look of your pin. This also means you should ALWAYS put your brand name or logo on each pin.

I have broken most Pinterest pins suggestions here if you haven't noticed.

Some people have said that using warmer tones and bright colors are the way to go. Not for my niche, though.

Don't go with something just because someone once said it. You have to think about your niche when you create a pin.

For example, my content is sometimes heavy, emotional, and has a lot to do with feelings. Relationships are always bringing emotions of ALL kinds. So what did I do with that? I create pins that evoke the emotion of that particular blog post. Faces (which is another supposed no-no) are what evoke emotions.

Many of my best pins are pictures of people either experiencing emotions or experiencing relation with others. This has a lot to do with what my content brings.

That being said, create pins that will speak to people according to your niche. If you're a mommy blog and do mostly posts about baby stuff, don't use images that are cheesy, posed, or non-relevant. Use images that are sweet and evoking an emotion of a mother/baby relationship.

Adjust the image so that you have plenty of blank space to display easy to read text.

The simpler the pin, the better. Good looking pins have a lot to do with getting a persons attention with emotion with using easy to read fonts and great images.

It's important to note that just because you make a good looking pin, won’t necessarily get people to stay on your page.

If you aren't creating quality content, then you won't be getting people to stay on your page, which is what your end goal should be.

I use advertising as a means of income, so it's important for me that people stay on my page.

I am currently offering a 2 hour Pinterest Crash Course on how to make a viral pin for your specific niche, and specifics when it comes to tailwind vs. manual pinning, descriptions, hashtags, and everything to do with getting good traffic to your blog from Pinterest. Sign up below if you’re interested.

2. I use Tailwind, but not in the way you think

I have used Tailwind ever since I started blogging. Not only is it a fantastic way to jumpstart your Pinterest presence, but it will also save you SO much time.

Tailwind tribes have been HUGE for me. Something I explain in my crash course.

I will teach you how I use tailwind differently than most people.

3. I have a specific strategy for pinning

I think that everyone should have their own specific strategy according to their niche, and according to their pins. That’s what I will delve into for the crash course, so if you’re interested, sign up to learn more. I get more into specifics of pin size (I don’t use the 2:3 ratio) and what fonts are best.

Also, when you can change your thinking from the more pins the better, to making better quality pins and descriptions — you will be well on your way.

In my crash course I will work with you personally to help you devise a plan, and make beautiful pins that are guaranteed to bring traffic to your blog.

4. I mimic what already successful pinners are doing

Not copy—mimic. This is the game, people. It's always important to see what's working for others in your specific niche and do something similar or better, but DON'T ever copy what they are doing.

That’s where I got to where I am.

I studies what others were doing, but devised a plan to do it better.

You almost HAVE to do this in our business, otherwise you will fall far behind.

5. I keep a close eye on my analytics

Study your analytics in google analytics, Pinterest analytics, and Tailwind analytics. It's SO important to know the why behind your strategy. But also remember, the first year of Pinterest is trial and error. The first year is when you should be studying and analyzing the cause and effect of your pins and strategies.

What works for someone doesn’t always work for another.

Pay attention to what you do when you do it. You will thank me later.

6. I play the waiting game and be a good writer

Blogging is a waiting game. There were days I wanted to give up altogether. But I persevered. If you're a good writer with useful content that helps people, whether it's financially, relationally or learning how to knit a hat, you will be fine—be patient.

Sometimes the problem with getting good traffic doesn't have anything to do with your pinning strategy — sometimes it has to do with your content.

So make sure your content is good. Invest in Grammarly to help you become a better writer and keep you from making those silly grammar mistakes.

One thing I did to invest in my writing was read this book called Dreyers English - and Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style. The New York Times Bestseller that teaches you the myths about grammar, finding your style, and all with a witty and entertaining twist.

Become a great writer, not just a good one.

I find it funny that some people think they can just start a blog and makes tons of money, but have no idea how to write. Above everything, content is the most important.

Be passionate about what you write. Go the extra mile, and always have people's best interest in mind.

Along with branding yourself, be an influencer that cares about helping others and doesn't just do it to become the next best thing.

I believe that the pendulum will swing from influencers who want the world to love them, to influencers who are authentic and genuinely want to help others.

Be the latter.

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