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Easter Bunny DIY Decoration - On Natural Wood

DIY Easter Bunny Decoration for your home!

Simple, affordable, and easy Easter decor

I love making something for the holidays that are classic and can be used year after year. This project has even more to offer than that. I turned my Christmas decor into my Easter decor, just by turning it over! Let me show you what I mean.

This was my Christmas project from a few years back. I thought of a way to utilize them for more than once a year. 

File Mar 20, 11 40 57 AM.jpg

I had a bit of trouble finding a picture of a rabbit that was simple and easy to do, so I ended up just googling "fairytale rabbits" and came up with some ideas. 

Here is the clean slate that I started with on the opposite side of my trees.

blank wood.jpg

I then drew out my bunny freestyle. I know a lot of you can't do this, so I attached a great stencil you could get beforehand to help make things easier. I wish I would have done mine this way, but I got impatient ;-) If you can't find similar wooden slabs to mine just lying around, I gave a few ideas here for something you could purchase.

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pencil bunny.jpg

After I first put the idea down with pencil, I then painted over it with white paint. Depending on the texture of your wood, it can be hard to get straight lines. I didn't mind mine being a little jagged, but if you want straighter lines, you can get these awesome painting pens which will help keep it a bit cleaner. I also added some gold highlights to make it more interesting. 

bunny painting.jpg

There you have it! You can adjust this however you like to make it your own. 

finished easter bunny decor.jpg

I did an egg decor DIY project last week, and a wooden candleholder project a month ago, so I combined the three and had myself a nice little Easter fairytale display. All I have to do for Christmas is flip it on over!

bunny and eggs.jpg
easter bunny pin.jpg