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Easter Table Setting Ideas - Easter Terrarium for The Table

How to create your own unique table decorations for Easter

terrarium ideas fro easter

Easter always sneaks up on me. It must be the change of weather and spring cleaning I get distracted with, but sure enough, I find myself ordering a lamb shank at last minute and running into the forest to scrounge around for an interesting table decorations.

This year, my trusty mother-in-law gave me a beautiful terrarium. Germans are somehow miracle workers when it comes to utilizing their beautiful forests for their table decor during the holidays. It is not only less expensive but brings in a fresh scent of spring into your home.

Easter represents new life, so what better way to acknowledge that than to bring in the first signs of Spring with this beautiful terrarium. That being said, you can make this terrarium with elements from a forest if you live near one, or just stop at your local craft store for the materials.

If you're lazy like me and need to order everything, I will create for you a list that you can purchase everything off of Amazon.

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Glass bowl - A fishbowl (first image) would work just fine and is your least expensive option but I also included some more options.

Wood Chips

Moss and Sticks - This include some natural wood which would fit nicely as well.

easter terranium 2.jpg

White Stones

White Bird Feathers - I bet you anything you have a feather pillow laying around. Pick a few from there and you're all set!

Robin Eggs - I have real ones, but those can run you more money. Here are some plastic guys that look pretty real. Don't go stealing any from nests nearby ;-)

Flowers - This one you will obviously have to go to your local gardening center. The more delicate, the better. you also want something that is growing in its own little pot. Bulbs are probably the most sturdy to work with. I am a little embarrassed because I don't know what these are called in English, but you can get an idea from the picture. 

Music Sheets

I understand that not everyone has this laying around, so you can easily rip out some pages of a book you got from someone that you will never read and burn the edges to make it look vintage.



1. add wood chips

2. put in your flower pot

3. arrange moss, sticks, and stones in laters around the pot. 

4. end your layering with moss, and put on your eggs, feathers, and paper strips.


Viola! Now you have yourself a beautiful table decoration for Easter! 

easter terr.jpg