Unique and Different Tattoo Ideas for Couples

Couple tattoo designs — a few things things to consider before getting matching tattoos

cute couples tattoo ideas that are unique and different

Classy Matching Ink for Couples that are uniquely different

My husband and I have matching tattoos. It took us awhile to muster up the courage, as well as think of an idea that isn’t, well, how do I put it? Cheesy.

If you think about it, it’s a special thing to have with someone you will spend the rest of your life with — but it’s also a big decision that takes a lot of preparation and research. Coming up with an idea will most likely cause you to search the web, Pinterest, Instagram, or different sources to give you inspiration.

Before my husband and I solidified our design, we knew that we wanted something different, simple, modern, and uniquely us.

Ours have a significant amount of meaning to them. I’ll give you a little preview at the end of this post — but before we get into the designs, let’s talk about a few things to consider before getting a tattoo.

Things to consider before getting a tattoo

We all have that friend, aunt or uncle, weird cousin, or co-worker that has a tattoo of a pansy, snoopy dog, or butt antlers, they wished they never got. In fact, everywhere I look when I’m out and about (pretty much everyone at Walmart) I wonder if they really want that tattoo that’s a little too visible, forever and always.

At one of my gym classes, a woman covers her back shoulder tattoo with a bandaid — which peaked my curiosity for so long.

One day, after a long sweat session, to my luck, her bandaid had came ever so slightly unstuck due to the sweat — I had finally sneaked a peak. It was a cartoon star — one that resembled a sour hard candy star that had been sucked on already.

These are the situations we want to avoid, people. That’s why you need to consider these things above all else before you tie the knot with your tattoo artist.

  1. Get a tattoo artist that specializes in the specific design you want.

Let’s just say that you want a specific font design that is simple, modern, and needs a steady hand for exact and perfect lines. In this case, you should seek someone out who is an old style tattoo artist — artists who specialize in rockabilly, old vintage style designs, usually have the steady lines down stat.

Another example - if you want something artsy fartsy, water color, type of style — go with someone who specializes in that specific design.

This is a situation where you want to go to someone who is talented in that specific style of tattoo, not just to someone who is good — although that should be the most important factor.

Seeking out someone by word of mouth, or something you’ve seen, is the best way to go.

2. Make sure you are both on board.

A great way to do this is to go get your design, stick it on the bathroom mirror, and wait a month. If you both still love it after that — you’re good to go.

3. Get something unique to you both.

Having a design that means something to you both and isn’t something that a lot of people have, is very important. The butt antler, barbed wire arm scuff, etc. are all great examples of following trends. Having something personalized for yourselves is something that no one will ever have. Doesn’t get any more unique than that.

4. Research who you are going with as an artist and meet with them beforehand

Tattoo artists can sometimes be…well. It was important for me, that our artist was relatable and reputable. This won’t always be the case, but just try and make sure they aren’t someone you can’t stand. You might have negative emotions attached to the experience.

Art is and always will be a form of passion. If your artist isn’t passionate about what they are doing, they won’t do their best job.

As a hairstylist, I had to cut a mullet one time. I wasn’t passionate about it. It wasn’t a good mullet that I did that day. I should have referred that person somewhere else — like the mullet store.

I had some friends go to an artist who declines doing their tattoo for them. They wanted something religious, and he wasn’t down. I respect that he turned them down because it was best for the both of them. They found someone else who was on board and everyone was happy.

5. Consider having your own tattoo before having a matching one.

Getting a tattoo is a very vulnerable moment in your life. It’s also a very important decision — one that needs a good amount of preparation and thought. To know if you even want a tattoo is something that should be solidified in your mind before you get one.

That’s why I suggest that you have your own tattoo, before committing to get one with someone else.

This is solely my personal opinion. I know a couple who both had their first tattoo with one another, and they love it! But I wouldn’t personally do that. I had three previous tattoos before I got one with my husband, and my best friend — in one day, haha.

Now let’s get to some design ideas. I would advise that you don’t copy these designs exactly. After all, it should be unique to you. This is just a post about some inspiration to get your ideas going.

matchy, but not too matchy


sweet and simple - maybe a little salty as well


Night and day inspiration


besties for life - geometric and simple


lines are where it’s at


funky origami for the modern day hipster

ideas for tattoos 2019

micro tattoos for couples

tiny tattoo ideas

Johnny Cash forevs

text tattoo ideas

wolves are a mans worst enemy

It fits inside! details designs

uniquely different tattoos

Nerd alert! Star Wars fans ideas

star wars tattoo ideas for couples

LOVE THIS ONE! Simple and Modern

line tattoo ideas for couples - simple modern and unique tattoos


opposing shapes

geometric tattoo ideas for couples - #tattooideas #tattooforcouples #couplestattoo

Origami fish!

best couple tattoos that are not cheesy #tattoos #tattooideas #couples

just a simple triangle - the strongest geometric shape EVER


classy cupid




the travelers tattoo - airplane!


That’s all folks! If you want to know who done it where, click on this to find out where I got the sources of the images on Pinterest.

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